The Reviews We’ve Loved This Year

The Reviews We’ve Loved This Year Its that time of year again. New models mean new features. Some are good, others not so much. Here is a look at some of the most popular car reviews that have taken place this year and the cars that we enjoyed during the review process.

The Boost to Get EcoSport Started

Ford has introduced a new subcompact SUV that will make its way to the market to compete with a crowded market that features at least one nameplate from every brand that Ford put forth against every year.

Is It Worth It to Optimize Voice Search for Bing?

Google the Dominant Search Engine “Ok, Google, find a Chevy dealership near me.” “Hey Siri, what’s the average price of a Dodge Challenger?” Chances are, you’ve used Google, Siri, Alexa, or another voice search assistant to help you find the information you’re seeking. Chances are, those assistants are using Google to see their results. Google…

Style in a Small Package – The KIA Rio

As one of the smallest cars on the market today, you might expect the KIA Rio to be without personality, but you would be wrong. It does just the opposite, as it makes use of a clean build, an upscale feeling, and high-tech features. The KIA Rio is a stylish and affordable hatchback that can…